365 day photo project

I love photography and want to get out and take more pictures so I'm starting this project to display 1 photo a day that I take somewhere at some point during my day.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The holidays and family events have spun out of control the last two months so I wasn't able to take as many photos each day or have the time to work on posting them.  So as of the 1st of January I am changing my project to a 52 week photo project. It might be a new Photo for the week or an old photo that I alter or enhance in Photoshop.  I'm aiming to post on the Sunday at the end of the week so look for my next post on January 7th.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 199 Nov 1

Another shot of the 'pink' trees. contrasted with the green right beside it.

Day 198 Oct 31

Lady Bug on a ladybug.

Day 197 Oct 30

Trees that looked pink when I drove by them.

Day 196 Oct 29

I really liked the architecture of this building but couldn't get a great angle for the shot. Wish that power line wasn't in there.

Day 195 Oct 28

Interesting lighting on the side of a building.

Day 194 Oct 27

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 193 Oct 26

Continued from 25th : The Halloween decorations: A circle of 'ghosts' around the bird feeder. I think they were strung on wire because the night before they bounced and floated in the wind which gave them a lifelike appearance.

Day 192 Oct 25

Creepy Halloween decorations. It was hard to get a picture in the dark because of the low light. The next day I went back for a daytime shot. See next post.

Day 191 Oct 24

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

DAy 190 Oct 23

I just liked the cloud formation in the sky.  Now that I have a better internet connection to post I'm trying out a larger image format.

Day 189 Oct 22

Final and best shot of the river water reflecting the bridge pillar.

Day 188 Oct 21

Day 187 Oct 20

All the leaves have fallen.

Day 186 Oct 19

6th in reflective series. ripples were starting to obscure the image.

Day 185 Oct 18

Hedge maze at park.

Day 184 Oct 17

Fall coming to the park.

Day 183 Oct 16

New additional inscription added to the 35W remembrance wall.

Day 182 Oct 15

Fall colors.

Day 181 Oct 14

My favorite shot of my friend Sara's photo shoot for her "I can fit in there" series. This time she convinced 5 other people to try to all get in the trunk of her car.

Day 180 Oct 13

5th in the reflective series.

Day 179 Oct 12

4th in the Reflective series.

Day 178 Oct 11

3rd in the reflective series.

DAy 177 Oct 10

2nd in the series of reflection shots.

Day 176 Oct 9

St Anthony Falls.

Day 175 Oct 8

More fall colors along the river.

Day 174 Oct 7

Fall skyline with clouds.

Day 173 Oct 6

Artistic photo shoot of a friend (Sara) in a reflective window.

Day 172 Oct 5

Fall colors along the Mississippi.

Day 171 Oct 4


Day 170 Oct 3

Day 169 Oct 2

Day 168 Oct 1

Autumn colors.

Day 167 Sept 30

First in a series of water reflection shots under this bridge. The final and best shot (I think) will be posted for Oct 22. St. Anthony falls lock and dam.

Day 166 Sept 29

Dusk through trees.

Day 165 Sept 28

Day 164 Sept 27

Day 163 Sept 26

3rd Ave bridge over St. Anthony Falls.

Day 162 Sept 25

St. Anthony Falls

Day 161 Sept 24

What can I say... they were excellent subjects.

Day 160 Sept 23

Day 159 Sept 22

Day 158 Sept 21

Day 157 Sept 20

Another shot of the Gold Medal Park ducks.

Day 156 Sept 19

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DAy 155 Sept 18

A fun and unusual shot from a window at the Guthrie that has reflective surrounds. The top half is a reflection of the ground below from the top of the window surround.

Day 154 Sept 17

Building along the park waterway.

Day 153 Sept 16

Water way in a park alongside a mini golf course.

Day 152 (sept 15)


day 151 (sept 14)

Another bonfire shot.